Homeless Count 2009 (LAHSA)

Hey everyone,

I was able to participate in the 2009 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count about a month ago.  
It was a good experience and a strong vibe of teamwork was definitely found among volunteers at the event.

Thanks to those who helped on our small team counting in the South Bay for this event.
There is still opportunity to be involved in another phase of the 2009 Homeless Count.

From www.lahsa.org

Homeless Demographic Survey

LAHSA is currently recruiting 800 volunteers to conduct the Homeless Demographic Survey. 

During the first half of March 2009, volunteers will dedicate a weekend morning or weekday evening 

to interview homeless individuals on the streets or in selected shelters. All volunteers will receive 

training: training sessions will be offered across the County in the last week of February.

The results of the 2009 Homeless Count will be published later this year.

In other news, the federal government announced "awards for the 2009 Homeless Assistance Program to local Homeless Continuums of Care. Under the SuperNOFA Competitive Award program, the Los Angeles Continuum of Care (LACoC), headed by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA), received the largest award in its history, totaling $68,902,729.00."  Along with other grants that were awarded, the total funding for the City & County of Los Angeles totaled over $73.4 million.

Read the press release at the following link:



  1. Hi Daniel. Thanks so much for volunteering for the Count, and for posting information about the demographic survey!

    Please note that the results of the Count will not be published until later this year. Today's LAHSA press release about our SuperNOFA funding was not related to this year's Homeless Count.

    Thanks again!

    Syd Peterson, Communications Manager
    Los Angeles Homeles Services Authority (LAHSA)

  2. Thanks for the clarification, Syd.

    I guess I was just anxious to spread some good news. I'll be looking forward to the results being published this year.

    Glad the funding came in for you guys.


  3. Thanks, Daniel. I'm wondering if you might consider rewriting your post; we want people to understand how the funding flow works...

    Syd speterson@lahsa.org