Social Vandalism

this is my first post of my first blog.

I'm on the verge of turning 30 in about a week or so, and I've realized a few things about my life:

I've wasted alot of time on alot of waste (unfortunately, I still waste time)
I crave authentic friendships with real people (non-examples include: myspace, facebook)

God STILL loves me (it's taken some deep stuff to get to where I live like I believe this, everyday)

I directly impact my kids every single day with my time, my words, my emotions, what I believe
Having a new car isn't a 'big goal in life'
Whenever I get sick or its really cold, I still have it really good (I often think about the plight of the poor and homeless.  it would SUCK to homeless and sick and cold)
My wife is amazing (in many, many ways)
There are some things I wasn't created to do
Your kids are your responsibility
Even when you think you have nothing to give, you still have something to give
People waste alot of food
Politics is not the answer
There are so many things that are wrong in the world and we don't have an excuse for inactivity

so, I say, 'be a social vandal.  it's okay to be uncomfortable.  your complacency is NOT a gift.'

...a few things about my blog.  As you can see I put up a thing for the One Year Bible.  I'm reading it everyday.  Please leave comments about the readings if you want.  It is really good stuff.  The stuff of life.
I will hopefully get better at this.  The blog (I imagine) will change the way it looks over time (if I keep it goin').

talk soon... d

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  1. Good blog Daniel to the Nes

    Peace and Love

    Heather to the S