a picture of God's love and holiness...

My wife and I were having a lively discussion about the effects of the God's love on our lives and I was making my point to her that every Christ-follower must fall deeply in love with Christ and know the Father's love.  Here's how it played out...

My wife and I, joined by our two children, were enjoying our coffee beverages and pastries in front of our local coffee shop.  My wife was seated across the table from me on a bench next with our children.  I was in a chair (out of harm's way).  Our son began to climb on top of my wife attempting to plant himself in her lap.  As they wrestled on the bench outside, my wife put her small, non-fat latte w/ whip on the arm of the bench in preparation to subdue the toddler.  They jostled about and all of the sudden she screams!  The boy follows suit with a cry of his own.  Having some experience with hot coffee, I jumped from my seat ready to administer first aid to anyone in need.  Fortunately, no one was burned, however, the latte fell victim to the scuffle.

My point had been made.

After all were soothed back to contentment (and a new latte was purchased), I explained by point:

So many Christians mete out God's love and holiness in our lives in the same way we sip a piping hot latte through the tiny hole of a plastic lid.  We cradle the dangerously hot contents of God's love and holiness in a small, insulated cup with a trendy and functional cup sleeve as to not feel the true effects of that consuming love (all the while displaying our popular brand of faith to those around us).  We aim to 'play it safe' with God, rather than immerse ourselves entirely in His presence--submitting ourselves to whatever outcome is manifested.  It was made so plain to me that God wants, in essence, to burn us with His love and holiness (you know? get our attention).  We are not to take comfortable sips at our leisure-- when it seems appropriate and safe.  Instead, we are to be consumed by God's love and His holiness so that a lasting effect is made upon us.  We are to have a profound, undeniable, and transforming encounter with the true love and perfect holiness that God is.  This encounter is on His terms, not ours.

It is this type of encounter and relationship with God that I want more of.


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