Freedom: I'm calling in sick from following Jesus.

Why don't we say what we know is right?
Why don't we do what should be done?
Why is there such a large disconnect between our sacrificial worship to the One True God and enacting the justice of that God, as His people, to those who need it most around us -- the sick, the needy, the poor, the oppressed, the defenseless?

Fear?  yeah, that's a big part.
Someone else will do it?  yeah, that's huge too.

Can love truly offend?

How can we keep hearing the same sermons preached at church and sing the same songs about the same God, and see no change in our lives, our homes, our children, our schools, our neighborhoods, our churches, our workplace, our friends... you get the picture?

Most of us have been stifled.  We've been paralyzed by our stuff, our feelings, and our circumstantial state.

Our reasons for inactivity within the Kingdom on earth are staggering.  And, they are just that, REASONS.  We have reasoned ourself out of the mission of Jesus -- to seek and save what is lost.  To redeem.  To bring right and restored relationship to God.

Our self-stimulation, our insatiable appetite for personal wisdom and knowledge without action, and our entitlement as the 'free and chosen' have blinded us to the mission of Jesus.

For freedom we have been set free?  Free to do what?
Is it a self-serving freedom?  A freedom to seek personal blessing, favor, and expansion for ourselves while so many starve, thirst, suffer, cry out for life?

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom?  Again, freedom for WHO?
Yes, we've been set free and blessed, SO THAT, we can freely be a blessing to others.

I was posed a tough question a month ago:

What is your theology of suffering?

Suffering?  Compared to the 73,000 members of the homeless community IN LOS ANGELES COUNTY, or to the impoverished citizens of non-Westernized nations facing political, religious, or humanitarian oppression... I probably don't have a real good clue as to what suffering is.

I do know and see in the Word that those who are followers of Christ will face sufferings of many kinds.  I don't think forgetting to record 'Lost' counts as suffering, or having to go to church when the Lead Pastor isn't preaching, or not having 'my' presidential candidate win.

Suffering actually demands that I choose Jesus over EVERYTHING.

Face it, America is a bubble.  Southern California is paradise.

So, maybe if I followed Jesus as He leads, I would suffer.  My worship would match my actions.  I would let go of my 'excuses' and do what He wants me to do.  Some folks might SEE and FEEL the good news and know the Jesus is real.

I might be able to poke a few holes in the 'social fabric.'

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