The Idea Camp in Irvine, CA ended last night.  I had a good time connecting with people, sharing dreams and ideas, enjoying meals, and seeing a dual emphasis on technology within community and the desire for true, authentic relationship.

I have been thinking about the concept of awareness lately.  I determined about a week ago that I want to be a better observer.  I've considered myself to be a person who notices things that often go unnoticed.  Lately, I've realized how I live my life on 'auto-pilot' most of the time.  I noticed a disconnect between my desire to make a difference in the lives of the poor and needy people in my local world and my lack of ability to see the REAL need that exists.  As a member of suburbia, I've been unknowingly trained to not see the corners and fringe characters of society.

The solution to my impairment is awareness.  I need to take my foot off the gas, pull over to the slow lane, and see the passing scenery and all of its contents.

Awareness starts at a personal level and grows into the community level.  At the personal level, awareness deepens and widens the angle of my lens.  I gain ability and capability.  My capacity to act and my potential to influence multiplies.  At the community level, awareness moves from a personal maturity to a tool for change.  An individual can see a need and meet a need in a linear, 2-D capacity.  At the community level, awareness fuels a movement for justice, change, and influence.  Individuals become bound through 3-dimensional connections crossing multiple domains of experience and ability.  Awareness at this level moves with force and direction.

The Idea Camp offered many opportunities to connect with individuals who are aware of injustice in many forms.  Many individual people aware of a need requiring a solution were connected with the purpose of taking action.

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