Wednesday, Oct 28 -- current status

I am still working on my PACT. I mean "working." I just finished writing tests that I am giving tomorrow and friday. It's nice that the rest of the week is mainly tests.

Still at Peet's, drinking a white mocha (hmmm).

had a great convo last night about how so many christians love to hate on Obama (thinking of him as some sort of Muslim, renegade who is infiltrating our bank accounts, churches, and patriotic sovereignty) and homosexuals (somehow christians assume that they're 'different' in their sin 'n' such. it's almost like christians think there is a separate hell for them or something).

Hating homosexuals and thinking you're better than them, especially because you are a Christian, is sickening to Jesus and has no room in the Gospel that Jesus showed. In fact, when Jesus talks about WHO is in hell, the person that is mentioned is a rich man who ignored the needs and plight of the beggin and crippled poor! NOT a homosexual! see your Bible (Luke 16:19-31). Again, rich man... not gay man.

Ok. I need to pick up on my PACT. Gotta finish writing some lesson plans and then talk about a video I made of myself teaching in my class. Woo hoo!


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