mango salsa? -- a mixed bag

Here are some 'mixed bag' thoughts:

2 Peter 1:5-7. Faith is the starting point, then goodness, then knowledge. Why does the church always want to start w/ knowledge? This reminds me of the first sin (sorry CC) that mankind wanted to test out the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The sin of wanting to 'be like God.' As Christ-followers, FAITH ALONE must be our fuel. This is a gift of God. Otherwise, we could talk about how good we are because we convinced ourselves that Jesus is who He says He is. Faith is required at the beginning. Faith leads to doing good things for the Kingdom. We do these things because we believe, know and have hope that Jesus is who He says He is.
THEN, we beging to gain knowledge. We understand the Truth of Jesus. Be careful!

I recently went on a field trip with some middle school students to Bluff Cove in Palos Verdes. As we were walking the shoreline, one 7th grader said to me "What do you think would happen if you got in a boat and just sailed out there and kept going?" He added, "What do you think is out there?" I encouraged him and told him that he can set sail one day and find out. He said that he's tried to find out what's "out there." He said that when he plays video games and there's an ocean/water that he's in while playing the video game he tries to sail out into the ocean to see what happens. He said, "It doesn't let me go very far."
HOW SAD that so many kids are bound by video games as a means of exploration, inquiry, and curiosity. What a call for adults, pastors, shepherds, parents, and teachers to give ample opportunity to invest into the lives of our younger generations! Oh the things we're neglecting...

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  1. sounds like a lame game - Pastors should become programmers and make better games. Just pondering :)