Salad Bowl of Thoughts

>>  Why do people answer "sure" instead of answering "yes?"  I'll admit that I've done this numerous times in the past.  Now, I'm put off by it.

>> What's with the idea that I am supposed to let my son (who's a toddler) act like a monster and play 'guns,' wrestle, and 'act like a boy,' when it looks NOTHING like Christ?  This I don't like.  I hate the whole line that goes "we're trying to raise boys in an effeminate society."  So what if my kid wears baggy jeans or skinny jeans.  If my son becomes a star quarterback or a ballad-singing piano player it won't make a difference to me.  I care that He responds to God's call in his life to follow Jesus.  'nuff said!

>>  I was inspired to think about what certain exercises I could implement into my life.  It seems that it would be beneficial to begin acting Christ-like INTENTIONALLY whether my emotions are guiding me or not.  Maybe I should visit a senior-citizens center and spend time with them even though I don't FEEL CALLED to do it.  It is something that shows the Kingdom and It's power without my emotions being served.  Other things on this possible list could include:  watching my neighbor's kids, volunteering to do a little extra at work or church, going on a missions trip, getting rid of my TV so I spend more time with my wife, and making a written list of everything I'm thankful so I DON'T FORGET them.


  1. I hate it when people say sure. Yes or no- thats it. Let your yes mean yes.

  2. Yummy salad! Good food for thoughts. Toss it and serve it!